Feb 15, 2024

Celebrate the Streamer Awards with Exclusive Incentives on Twitch!

On Saturday, February 17, at 3 PM PT/6 PM ET, the third annual Streamer Awards will take place at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, California, hosted by /QTCinderella and /pokimane. Some of Twitch’s biggest streamers will be attending to celebrate the year that was–and win some awards, too. Tune into this memorable event at twitch.tv/QTCinderella or any other co-streaming channel and see who takes home the trophies! 

Here are some of the ways you can be a part of the event from home:

Twitch Predicts: The Streamer Awards Extension

Who do you think will win big at the Streamer Awards this year? Twitch has launched Twitch Predicts to help make your opinions known. You can make your picks in each category and share your opinions on who you think will emerge victorious as long as your favorite streamer downloads this extension. Make choices in every category and you could even earn an exclusive badge. 

The prediction extension will be locked once the Streamer Awards pre-show ends and the main show broadcast begins on Saturday, February 17 at approximately 5 PM PT/8 PM ET. Badges will be issued within one week upon completion of the prediction extension. 


For the first time ever, viewers at home can react with their community live during the Streamer Awards with an easy to use feed. Streamers looking to share live reactions, predictions, and colorful commentary can apply to co-stream the Streamer Awards. Interested streamers can sign up here, and will be immediately eligible. Authorized co-streamers will also be provided with a unique toolkit that includes exclusive images and assets.


Twitch and MARVEL SNAP are teaming up to support The Streamer Awards. During the livestream on QTCinderella’s channel on February 17th, viewers who Subscribe or Gift a Sub on QTCinderella’s channel will receive a code granting an exclusive bundle of in-game items in MARVEL SNAP, including:

  • The ‘I’m an Influencer’ Title 
  • 200 Credits
  • One Mystery Variant

Codes can be redeemed for both mobile and PC users on the MARVEL SNAP SHOP website. Once you receive your code from Twitch, simply enter your MARVEL SNAP ID and your unique code on this redemption page to unlock the items in your account. 

Event Duration 

From February 17, 3:00 pm PST until February 17, 11:00 pm PST (only while The Streamer Awards broadcast is live, and QTCinderella’s channel is set to the category “Just Chatting”)

How to Participate  

1. Log in to your Twitch account (if necessary, first create a Twitch account for free at Twitch.tv).2. Visit QTCinderella’s channel during The Streamer Awards live stream

3. While the channel is live and streaming to the Just Chatting category, purchase a new Recurring Subscription or a Gift Subscription of any tier to earn the reward (Prime Subs are excluded). 

* The campaign will begin February 17, 3:00 pm PST. Any subscriptions purchased before the above start time will NOT count towards the campaign. Any subscriptions purchased while the channel twitch.tv/qtcinderella is not live streaming with the category set to “Just Chatting” also will NOT count towards the campaign. The offer ends at 11:00 pm PST or whenever QTCinderella’s channel goes offline (whichever comes first).

How to Redeem a Code 

  1. Visit the MARVEL SNAP SHOP official redeem page
  2. Enter your Snap ID and your custom redeem code in the Redeem a Code box and click confirm
  3. Afterwards, your item will be available in your MARVEL SNAP account!

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. Can I participate in the campaign if I do not own Marvel Snap? 

A. Any viewer with a Twitch account can participate in the campaign to receive a Marvel Snap item code.  However, reward redemption codes can only be redeemed on the MARVEL SNAP SHOP website from any country where Marvel Snap is currently available. 

Q. Which regions are participating in the Support a Streamer campaign?  

A. Participating regions include all countries where Marvel Snap is available.

Q. How can I confirm which channels are eligible for the campaign?  

A. Watch QTCinderella broadcasting “The Streamer Awards” in the Just Chatting category, with the category set to Just Chatting, during the event duration on February 17, 2024.

Q. How do I purchase a subscription on Twitch? 

A. Users must first log into Twitch, using either a web browser or mobile device. Purchases may be made on either a web browser or mobile device. Detailed information on purchasing subscriptions can be found here, and information on purchasing gift subscriptions can be found here

Q. How many subscriptions do I need to purchase? Which Tier(s) are eligible for the campaign? 

A. To qualify for the reward redemption code, users must purchase 1 subscription of any tier, or one gift sub, on QTCinderella’s channel. Prime Subs are excluded.

Q. I purchased 1 subscription prior to the campaign. Am I eligible for a redemption reward code?  

A. No. Redemption reward codes can only be earned by purchasing 1 subscription to QTCinderella’s channel while streaming The Streamer Awards under the Just Chatting category during the campaign period.

Q. What should I do if I have a problem completing subscription purchases on Twitch? 

A. First, make sure that you are trying to complete a purchase in one of the eligible participating Twitch  channels that appear above. Most commonly, refreshing the page, or trying a different payment method  can help. For mobile purchases, please allow a moment to refresh. If you require further assistance,  contact the Twitch Support team by reading common troubleshooting FAQs and common fixes here

Q. Can I track how many eligible subscriptions I have done for the campaign? 

A. While there is not a centralized location to track progress in the campaign, users may refer to their  Twitch Payment History to review recent purchases of subscriptions to eligible channels. This should be used only as a reference for successful subscription purchases and does not guarantee the subscriptions qualified for the campaign. 

Q. Where can I find my campaign rewards once I’ve earned them? 

A. The campaign reward code will be delivered to the user’s Twitch notification inbox once they have 

been earned. The notification inbox can be found to the right in the top navigation bar on Twitch. The  codes will remain there until the user deletes the message. 

Q. What should I do if I’m having a problem receiving my code on Twitch? 

A. Campaign reward code delivery can take up to 24 hours to be delivered once earned. The code will  remain there until the user deletes the message after completion of a qualifying purchase.  

If after waiting 24 hours and verifying that your purchases were made towards an eligible streamer that  was live streaming, please contact Twitch Support here while logged in.  

Q. What should I do if I received my reward redemption code on Twitch, but I’m having a problem  redeeming the items on the MARVEL SNAP SHOP website? 

A. If you have successfully received your reward redemption code on Twitch and are having problems  redeeming reward items on the MARVEL SNAP SHOP website, please refer to the redeem code support here for questions or support regarding redemption of reward redemption code. 

Terms & Conditions

Offer applicable to purchase of 1 gift subscriptions and/or recurring subscription of any tier on eligible channels live streaming the Just Chatting category during the campaign period. Prime subscriptions excluded. Offer not available where Marvel Snap is not available for sale. Twitch reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer at any time. Offer is non-transferable, may not be resold, and may only be redeemed once per user. Offer will be invalid if you violate any of these terms. Subscriptions are subject to the Twitch Terms of Sale. Please visit help.twitch.tv for questions or support regarding receipt of reward redemption code. Please contact Nuverse for questions or support regarding redemption of reward redemption code, as they are responsible for redemption of the offer. Offer available from February 17, 3:00 pm PST to February 17, 11:00 pm PST or until the end of The Streamer Awards broadcast (whichever comes first). Reward redemption codes expire on March 16, 23:59 pm PST, and can only be redeemed on the MARVEL SNAP SHOP website. Replacement codes cannot be issued by Twitch or Nuverse/Second Dinner.

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Feb 20, 2024

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